Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Monaural/Binaural Earphone with LED
Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Monaural/Binaural Earphone with LED
Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Monaural/Binaural Earphone with LED
Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Monaural/Binaural Earphone with LED

Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Monaural/Binaural Earphone with LED

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Bluetooth 5.0|LED Display|Monaural|Binaural|TWS|Touch Control|IPX5 Waterproof|Egnormic Deisgn|Long Standby Time|HiFi Sound Quality

Awei is a Bluetooth earphone with: sound, function, and beauty all in one. It is specially designed for high-end headphone users in mind.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 provides you with the stable and efficient transmission.
  • Advanced noise reduction technology allows you to have your own quiet space in noisy places.
  • LED digital power display makes it easy to check the remaining power at any time.
  • Touch to adjust volume, switch music, answer calls, so you can switch functions without taking out your phone.
  • IPX5 waterproof technology is not afraid of sweat and rain.
  • The ergonomically designed shape that fits the auricle makes movement freer.

The LED screen on the outside of the case will let you know about everything of your earphones, including the remaining power of the case and left/right headphones.

Awei has two different ways to use, making it well-suited to different environments and uses.

The binaural mode is optimal when you need to focus on the conversation itself and drown out surrounding environmental noise. An example would be during an online gaming session, where a player needs to hear her team-mates and the in-game audio, but would find anything going on in the room distracting.

Binaural Connection:

Step 1: Take out the two earphones in the charging compartment, the earphones will automatically turn on and emit the tone of “Power On”, “Connected” and “Left Channel, Right Channel” The green and white lights on the main headset start blinking alternately, and the headset enters pairing mode.

Step 2: Turn on the mobile phone or other Bluetooth devices, search for the headset, and then click the pairing connection. When successfully connected, the headset will sound a "Second device connected" tone.

The monaural mode is generally better suited to environments where you need to be aware of what's going on around you. A good example is in a call center, where an operator needs not only to be able to hear the customers on the phone, but also his co-workers.

Single ear connection:

Step 1: Take out a headset from the charging compartment, then touch and hold the multifunction key until you see the green and white indicator lights blink alternately.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and after searching for the device, click on the pairing connection. After the successful connection, the headset will sound a “Connected” tone.

Answer the call using a single earphone.

The control process couldn’t be easier. The touch-sensitive buttons are also cleverly designed to integrate with the headset. Although there is only one button, it can realize Bluetooth connection, answer control, next song switching and other functions.

Long press to adjust volume.

You can control playing or pausing music by touching the headset. When the music is paused, touch the left earphone and the music will start playing. When you touch the right earphone, the music will be paused.

Awei uses a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which has low power consumption and more stable connection. The transmission distance can reach 10m. The high transmission bandwidth of Bluetooth 5.0 also makes it possible for the headset to make calls, which is also more suitable for playing higher bit rate audio.

Awei is equipped with a case with both charging and storage functions. Just put the earphones in the case when it's out of power and automatically disconnect and start charging. It is compact and easy to carry, and weighs only 38g. With a built-in 390mAh battery, which can charge the headset about 3 to 4 times. Each headset can play about 4 hours continuously, and talk time can reach 3 hours. It can provide a standby time of about 300 hours on one charge.

The earphones enter the ear at an angle of 30°, which fits snugly against the auricle and is comfortable to wear and achieves better physical noise reduction effect, letting you immerse in the melody of music. The weight of a single headset is only 4g, you feel like there's nothing in your ears.

As one of the essential functions of sports Bluetooth headsets, the waterproof function is also fully demonstrated on Awei headsets. The headset part and integrated buttons have reached IPX5 waterproof rating certification, which basically meets all weather conditions of the user, even in sweat, even in rainy weather.

You can't control the quality and clarity of the recorded music, but you can choose the best listening device to make your ears hear the best-quality music. Awei headphones use a metal cavity full-frequency dynamic coil speaker unit to let you experience outstanding sound quality.

The high-quality Bluetooth chip can restore the essence of the sound in terms of sound quality. Both the high and low frequencies perform very well. Meanwhile, the built-in advanced noise reduction technology can provide clear call quality in noisy environments.