Reinvented Waterproof Tote with Large & Expandable Capacity
Reinvented Waterproof Tote with Large & Expandable Capacity
Reinvented Waterproof Tote with Large & Expandable Capacity

Reinvented Waterproof Tote with Large & Expandable Capacity

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Upgraded Version | Waterproof | Large & Expandable Capacity | Anti-collision | Anti-theft | Insulation | USB Charging Port

We are very happy that our idea can be recognized. Our team continues to innovate and improve after collecting feedback from users. A lot of adjustments have been made to this new generation to adjust to different usage scenarios. Now, we finally brought this reinvented PINJ bag to Kickstarter!

Do you always have to carry a lot of bags because every bag is not big enough? Did you wet the items in the bag since the bag is not waterproof? Have you ever encountered a thief who quietly opened the zipper? Our team has been constantly researching and designing and finally bring this true all-in-one bag here.

The black version is made of the latest IPX7 waterproof fabric both inside and outside, ensuring that the items in the bag are protected even in heavy rain. The internal waterproof fabric prevents the water in the bag from leaking out of the bag and does not wet the clothes or the seat to avoid the embarrassing situation.Another benefit of the inner waterproof fabric is that if the food in the bag is dumped or the bag becomes dirty, you can easily clean it.

Its style is varied and suitable for different styles and usage scenarios. With the clever structural design, it can be easily changed into different shapes.As a daily-used carry-on bag, the gray version adds more pockets to the black version: inner pockets, front & back pocket, card slot, bottle bag, keychain, making it more suitable for school, work or being used as a diaper bag.

In addition, the gray version has more pockets and key ring, making it more suitable for carrying around.

Large capacity space to meet all your needs. When you go out with your kids, you need a bottle, a cup, a diaper, etc.. When you go out to work, you need to bring a laptop and a lot of documents. When you go shopping, you need a large reusable bag instead of the environmentally unfriendly plastic bag. When you go to the gym, you need to bring your shoes and change clothes.If you still think that the package is too small to hold all of your items, try the package stretching function. At this time, the height of the bag can be increased by 10cm and can accommodate a full-face helmet or more items.

This simple zipper is actually anti-theft! No need to set a password, the patented anti-theft zipper can be very simple to achieve the anti-theft effect. The zipper strap is consisted of a stretch cord with an adjustable elastic, giving this bag better practicality.

In order to protect the contents from being damaged, we added high-density anti-collision foam around the bag. Even if you are riding on the bumping road or the bag accidentally falls, the electronic products inside will not be damaged.

In order to make the bag more suitable for work and study, the gray version of the package also has a USB charging port on the side. With it, you no longer need to hold the charging treasure with your hand. You can put the power bank in the bag and connect it to the USB port on the inside of the bag. Then you only need to connect the charging cable of the phone or computer to the charging port on the outside of the bag.

The reflective strip is wrapped around the bag 360° to make it safer to ride at night. The zipper to expand the bag also hides under this reflective strip.

The gray version is a daily carry-on bag that uses a metal zipper for extra durability. Unlike the black version, it is only waterproof on the outside, but it is enough for your daily needs.

The bag handle of the black version is designed with a clip buckle that allows you to quickly hang your bag in a stroller or other car, while the gray version uses the metal buckle. For both versions, the handle straps are adjustable in length and are suitable for single shoulders, with hand or suspension.

The hook of this bag is designed with a patented hook and loop, which can be firmly hooked in the car. The re-stickable hooks can also be adjusted according to different usage scenarios. Note: Each bag will be shipped with a pair of re-stickable hooks.

For motorcycles or electric cars, you have two options to hang this bag. Front hanging method: suitable for loading small objects in the bag. Side hanging method: suitable for large items in the bag.

The bag is made of four layers of material to achieve basic insulation. And because of the good water-resistance of the bag, some of the bags are still dry due to condensation or steam that does not wet the bag. Since the black version also has an inner waterproof layer, it can achieve a little bit more insulation effect.

The black version is mainly suitable for travel, shopping, etc. The gray version is more suitable for school, work, and being used as a carry-on bag when you are on a business trip. We recommend that you purchase a kit, including a black version and a gray version, to meet your needs.