The World's Coolest Water Seat Cushion
The World's Coolest Water Seat Cushion
The World's Coolest Water Seat Cushion

The World's Coolest Water Seat Cushion

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Live Healthier, Sit Comfortably

Studies have shown that after waking up every day, we spend more than 60% of the time on sitting, more than 9 hours on average. In this case, the spine is responsible for supporting of the entire upper body. If the pressure is too much, it is very likely to cause the disc herniation. In addition, there may be a series of health problems, including neck and back pain, obesity, cancer and so on.
According to statistics, more than 2 million people die every year because of sedentary. It is estimated that by 2020, 70% of the world's diseases will be caused by sedentary. If you can't change the status of long-time sedentary, you can at least choose a way to sit comfortably.

Why We Are Professional

The ordinary cushion is filled with a sponge. Although it is soft, it is not flexible enough to support the body and share the pressure. Long-term sedentary can also lead to airlessness, sweating, and bacteria. This upgraded seat cushion can not only be filled with air, but also filled with water. Help you decompress and be cool in the summer.

  • Relief stress

Even the falling egg doesn't crack! That's because the gas in the seat cushion is evenly distributed in the airbag. Each airbag can help you reduce the stress on your spine. Keep you away from spinal diseases and take a step closer to a healthy life.

  • Air convection technology

Seat on an egg? It's not a magic! With multiple air convection technology, when the airbag receives the squeeze, the gas flows to each other, producing a uniformly pressurized "anti-gravity" effect. This process can buffer the vertical pressure of more than 1/3 of the body weight, greatly reducing the load and pressure of the tail vertebra.

  • Water cool down

In addition to aeration, it also innovatively uses a water injection design, which is specifically designed for long-distance driving/sedentary people. It has been found by experiments that it can effectively help to cool down and disperse heat, so that you can stay away from sweat.

  • Non-slip on the seat

It won't go anywhere. No straps required. There are 40,000 Class A anti-slip particles on the bottom of the cushion. It is densely distributed in regular hexagons. For any surface of the material, it can achieve an adhesion effect. The anti-slip effect can reach level A.

  • No air leakage, no deformation

Oh, it's strong enough against a car! We did a 200 kg pressure test: after repeated rolling of the car, the seat cushion does not leak or rupture.

  • Reduce thigh pressure

Even feel stressful of your thigh? That's because the regular cushion doesn't have a special design to hold your thigh. The gas inside the airbag circulates, which distributes the pressure of the thigh evenly. The cushion can naturally support the legs, and reduce the pressure on the thigh of the chair surface.

  • Full support, shape your body

Say NO to flat butt! The venting holes of the bumps form a unique support force to prevent the hip muscles from spreading. Dispersing the pressure from the point line surface, it is not easy to form a flat hip, thus shaping the natural beautiful buttocks.

  • Good material

It feels so smooth, and silky. A selection of polyester fabrics can be in direct contact with the skin, and the feel is comparable to silk. The fabric is smooth and comfortable, with good wrinkle resistance and shape retention. It also reduces sweating and heat, making it cool for the user even in the summer.

  • Easy inflation

One breath? It's not a challenge. For standard cushion, the intelligent nozzle design can be inflated with one breath. When deflation, just press the deflation button and give it a slight squeeze.

  • Breathable

It's "live", it breathes. There are gaps between the airbags on the seat cushion to ensure that the buttocks are on the soft cushion while enjoying a relatively breathable state.

Ordinary cushion:After the hip curve is seated, it forms a "one" shape. The air can't circulate, the buttocks are stuffy. At the same time, the spine is under pressure for a long time, and problems such as blood blockage may also occur.

Air water cushion:The shallow groove gap design reduces the heat transfer between the legs, buttocks and the seat. This can effectively achieve the ventilation and ventilation effect.

  • Portable

It can be small. After draining the water/air, the seat cushion can be easily folded and stored more conveniently. Small and portable, it is easy to carry around. More suitable for traveling and carrying.

Wherever you are, it's always there

Whether you are going to work, studying or driving, this cushion is a good partner for you. Due to the anti-slip particles of the seat itself, it is no longer necessary to use straps for fixing, and the movement is simple. This cushion can be used for various purposes.


Electric Water Pump For Water Cushion

Note: the pump is only for the water filling, not for the air.