WOWSTICK SD: Most Exquisite LIB Home Screwdriver
WOWSTICK SD: Most Exquisite LIB Home Screwdriver

WOWSTICK SD: Most Exquisite LIB Home Screwdriver

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36 Bits|Widely Applicable|Automatic-Manual Design|3 LED|Compact Storage Cap|Rechargeable|Magnetic

This exquisite compact electric screwdriver is easy to operate and extremely practical - ideal for home use. The screwdriver has a comfortable, ergonomic handle; the rechargeable lithium battery design increases convenience; with its own LED lighting, you can use the screwdriver anywhere. This tool is perfect for those who enjoy DIY, or do a lot of disassembly.

The cap accommodates up to 12 replacement screwdriver bits, so you can store your selected bits inside it. In this way, the entire screwdriver and replacement heads can be perfectly combined. This clever design structure means that the screwdriver no longer requires a messy toolbox to hold all its parts, but can be placed on a table top, neatly in a drawer or easily carried around.

With this sleek and innovative one-piece design, you won't see any screws on the surface, and the all-aluminum casing gives it an exquisite appearance. Using German quality technology and an Apple-grade anodizing process, the grip is super-comfortable as well as resistant to staining and corrosion. The internal gears are tightly attached and durable. Top quality is guaranteed and the product comes with a full one-year warranty.

This screwdriver uses an all-metal gearbox that's both compact and powerful. The torsion is up to 0.9N.M for electric and 3N.M for manual use.

Note that the electric torque cannot always be applied: for example, a high level of torque is required in the initial state and in the final tightening of a screw. In this case, do not release the switch, but continue to hold down the switch while swinging the screwdriver to left and right. The host will then immediately start the self-locking function, and increase the electric torque.

The handle is only 31mm in diameter, which means the screwdriver is suitable for most people to hold comfortably. It can be used for a wide variety of household tasks, such as disassembly and assembly of small furniture, tables and chairs, door handles, various types of lamp, switches, etc.

The screwdriver has an Automatic-Manual design, which means it can easily be switched between electric and manual usages. If you enjoy the fun of taking things apart, then it can be a traditional manual screwdriver. If you're after speed, the automatic function can help you to install or remove screws in seconds.

Ordinary gun-type screwdrivers tend to require a manual direction change, but this unique screwdriver has only a single button on its entire body. You can start it with one click and control the direction of rotation without switching buttons. And it's battery-powered, so that screws can be easily turned with just a light touch – no major effort required!

Three shadow-less LED lights are also installed where the cutter head is connected. The lights can be automatically activated when you turn on the screwdriver, providing maximum illumination of your workspace and allowing you to operate in dimly-lit environments.

The screwdriver uses magnetic suction mounting between the bits and the body, so that no additional tools are required for installation. Just place the replacement tool head close to the body of the screwdriver to complete the installation. Continuing suction ensures that bits don't loosen during use, making the screwdriver very safe and convenient.

This is a fully complete and practical screwdriver set for home use: assembling beds and cabinets, repairing electrical appliances, etc. It has varying sizes of screwdriver bits that will easily meet your every need, with bit hardness of up to 60hrc. It is also equipped with 36 different screwdriver heads to handle varying types and sizes of screws.

The 67mm operating shaft allows you to rotate the screw easily, even if it's in a deep groove. In this way, this handy electric screwdriver can be seen as a robotic assistant that professionally disassembles anything screwed, allowing you to complete a job without any effort.

The screwdriver is powered by a lithium battery and can be recharged via Type-C. Charging takes only 2 hours. The unit displays a red light during charging status and a green light when fully charged. With its large capacity 1300mAh battery, the screwdriver is both cordless and portable. It has great endurance, lasting for more than 180 days of standby on a single charge, and it can be used for 10 to 30 days (non-continuous usage).

Ever been unable to manipulate a screwdriver due to sweaty hands? The electric screwdriver's accessories also include a soft anti-slip mat that ups friction, greatly increasing your productivity.

Thanks for the comments from backers all over the world. We are very glad that our previous Wowstick has made your lives more convenient and helped with such a variety of tasks!

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